Why Pilates?
The benefits of Pilates exercise
Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates (1880 - 1967) who devised a series of
exercises that built strength without bulk and balanced that with flexibility.

Pilates is a form of exercise which targets deep postural muscles first and then
builds strength. It helps to rebalance the body and bring it into correct alignment and also helps to improve posture creating a more balanced body.

Pilates teaches functional movement patterns rather than isolated muscular contractions.This means your body is exercised in a way needed for daily activities, rather than strengthening one muscle or muscle group at a time.

The execution of Pilates exercises effectively requires your full attention so your body and mind work together to give effective physiological and psychological training.

All teachers at Ann Chester Pilates are qualified with Body Control Pilates, Europe’s largest professional Pilates organisation; it is widely seen as the benchmark for safe and effective Pilates of the highest standard.

Body Control has been training Pilates teachers since 1996 and the training course is the most comprehensive of its kind. All Body Control Pilates teachers work to a strict code of practice, including limiting class sizes to 12 people. They are also required to build on their skills and knowledge with continuing education, through courses and workshops.



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About Ann
“ It has been life changing! My body is so much more flexible than it ever was and my back has been brilliant, with only the very occasional twinges. And even if there are twinges, I know that working through it with Pilates keeps me mobile and functioning. I really love coming and I hate it if I miss a session. You explain things so clearly and build the exercises up until I find I can do things I couldn’t before, you are a brilliant teacher - and it is good fun too!! ”

Louise Shield -  client since 2006
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